They called it civics once

08 Oct

Friends, stick with me here. I believe that ideologically, this is the solution and if we could only get enough money for it, it would change our country. If I could add just one class to every junior high and high school student’s school experience per year, it would be a class on your rights, liberties, and government. That way Americans could exercise their rights properly, could be effective participants in our democracy, and our culture would be more inclusive.

Classroom education < debate

In class, you sit and listen to the teacher’s points, you participate occasionally, you do your assignments, you try to absorb information and consider it on paper and in person.  In debate, you absorb the information and then your perspective is attacked.  You must defend your position with argumentation that requires mental coordination.  You get a chance to speak and demand acknowledgment.  You become a participant who is not as passive as a student in a classroom.  The teacher becomes the coach and the students become participants, not bored viewers.

Why are you educated? 

Is it to work for someone else?  It’s not just to sit in a class, absorb information and scuttle through until you find yourself on the other end, getting underpaid and overworked.  Education is an investment in yourself even though it feels like you’re investing in someone else.  Knowledge and the ability to use your mind is power.  If you couldn’t use your legs, you can’t run a race.  If you can’t use your mind, you can’t achieve equality in America.

What do you need to know?

Know how power works (in depth: how power works)

Access power right here: Find out who should represent you

Know your rights: at work, in the market, in government

Who will stand up for you: lawyers

How do you get civics education into the classroom?

First find out: who controls the curriculum. 

Second, note that he who controls the purse strings calls big shots too.

Third: know who represents you in government.

Fourth: suggest to friends via social networks, you want to see changes.

Do more than get mad, get involved.

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